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To Be a Disruptor or Be Disrupted?

In 2010, A handwritten sign on the store at 85th Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City read: “To the community, We regret to inform you that this location is officially closed for business. — Blockbuster.”

Within 5 years, Blockbuster went from making 8 Billion dollars in 2005 to filing chapter 11 with 1 billion in debt in 2010. Everyone was shocked. How did this happen almost overnight? Technology has shifted how consumers behave overnight.

In 2005, 15 million iPads were sold and Netflix saw an opportunity to serve customers in the comfort of their home. At the same time, blockbuster’s website was not mobile or tablet friendly. In fact, it didn’t even load in safari browsers and they didn’t care… Blockbuster executives were focused on increasing revenue by selling candy to customers who waited in line. The era of digital disruption is here and it’s moving faster every day.

Your choice is clear, either you create big changes starting today – or keep doing what you’re doing and run the risk of going out of business within a few years. Don’t just start building websites, or apps in the hopes of going digital will automatically make your business successful. That won’t work. It never has. In fact, it has done the opposite.

With unlimited digital possibilities, The question to ask your company is how do we identify the right digital initiatives for our company? To answer this it’s important to know the impact of each possibility, making sure that the direction of your company takes is the right one and that money is well spent with the least amount of effort.

businesses that opt in 2x revenue grouth 2.3 times sales productivity reach more customrs bring them more value ad do it at a lower cost simplify, enrichand elevate every aspect of sales b2b digital leaders eradicate all reasons to buy from competitors by making it fast and simple to do business across all channels. Share of sales enables digitally 73% vs 30% difital supports all customer interactions. b2b leaders make twice as much material available online and they sell 2.3x online than competitors leaders step over all to collaborate with external partnrers. Share of sales through collaboraion 81% vs 51% b2b sales leaders are masters in analytics. they use big data and predictive analytics to make interactions personal

Website Hosting Best Choice

When it comes to choosing the best WordPress Hosting, I’m bound and determined to find out which company is providing the most value. There are three major components that make up a great host in my opinion, and those are 1) Performance, 2) Knowledge, Speed, and Reliability of Support, and 3) Pricing and the overall product offering. For this initial run, I compared several shared WordPress hosting companies. I plan to continue to add to this list and update it in 2016 as well so that people have a go to resource for choosing the best WordPress hosting company. Here are the hosts I’ve tested in no particular order:
  Name Account Type Cost Per Month
Siteground SiteGround Startup $3.95

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting

Power Plan


A2 Hosting Logo A2 Hosting Premier $3.99
Bluehost Bluehost Standard Shared $4.95
Site5 Site5 HostPro $8.95
Media Temple MediaTemple Grid Server $20.00
Dreamhost DreamHost Standard Shared $7.95
Eleven2 Eleven2 S-200 $8.00
Arvixe Hosting Arvixe Hosting Personal Class $4.00
Hostgator HostGator* Hatchling $7.16
GoDaddy GoDaddy Deluxe $8.99